Frequently asked questions, answered.


Styling & Shopping


Who do you work with?

You! We work with all gender identities, ages, sizes, and lifestyles. Just as long as you're ready for some deep exploration into what it means to look like "you."

How does scheduling work? 

Contact us and we'll collaborate on a schedule that works for you. As long as our schedules align, we can work Monday through Sunday, morning, afternoon, and night

Do your Style Coaches get a commission on my purchases? 

Absolutely not. Unlike many personal shoppers, Copper + Rise is independent of any specific brands. While we may have connections at certain store locations (such as the ability to reserve certain fitting rooms, etc.), rest assured that there's no pressure to buy from a specific store.

How do We decide which store(s) to visit?

We decide together. We'll make suggestions based on your needs, budget, and location, but at the end of the day, you're 100% in charge.

Budget & Timing


What does a standard package cost?

Every package and service is tailored to individual need and clearly articulated before the start of any service. All of our in-person package pricing is on a per-session basis, not an hourly rate. This is to ensure that each session is tailored to your needs instead of constrained for time. Simply schedule a consultation to learn more.

How much money do I need to spend on clothes? 

A wardrobe that fits you shouldn’t necessarily require a fortune. Whether it's Saks or TJMaxx, we'll find something in your budget. Still not sure and need some numbers? We can work with anything from $400 up for your wardrobe budget.


The goal is to save you money in the long-run. How? By having clothes that you actually wear! A streamlined wardrobe is the key, so we'll strategically shop to purchase only pieces that serve a useful purpose, enhance your style, and are worth the investment.

Style Coaching


How do I know that I need a style coach? 

We've helped our clients rise from situations such as these:

"Getting dressed in the morning used to be depressing, anxiety-ridden, and just plain stressful because I had a packed closet but just couldn't figure out what to wear each day."

"I owned really great clothes, but didn't know how to mix-and-match to optimize the outfits that I didn't even realize I had at my fingertips."

"My life just changed dramatically [i.e. post-baby body change, new job, weight gain/loss, recent move to a new city, milestone birthday, just started dating again] and I didn't know how to adjust and update my style to these changes."

"I let friends and sales associates push me to purchase things that weren't quite right for me - but I didn't even know what was right!"

"I felt overwhelmed in stores so I only bought things online, but I often ended up not even wearing what I had purchased because it didn't fit or wasn't the color or quality I expected."

What is the origin of the name "Copper + Rise?"

Copper = the color of our Founder's hair
Rise = as in, "rise up in your life." (also a reference to pants: high-rise, low-rise)
So...meet "Copper" + "Rise" up in your life! See what we did there? 

Who took your beautiful photos? 

More questions? Contact us!

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