Client Success

We help people of all ages, sizes, lifestyles, and boroughs to find their success. Here's what they're saying.

Lauren P.jpg

Banking Executive

"I started working with Joanna about two years ago, right before I was returning to work after having my first child. My body didn’t look the same, my old clothes didn’t fit the same. I hated how I looked in everything but didn’t know how to fix it. Joanna is direct yet approachable. Honest and warm, and is so hilarious that I found myself laughing instead of dreading looking in the mirror. She made me feel so comfortable. And I couldn’t believe how good I looked in the clothes she picked!"

I’ve never had compliments on my style until I starting working with Joanna. She has a keen ability to read people and update their style without imposing a look that would be inauthentic to them.
— Darcy, Banking Executive
Angela M..jpg

Fitness Professional
Los Angeles

"I tried some of the generic websites that have you fill out a questionnaire and then send you a box each month. They always missed the mark. I never liked the clothes but with my style coach, she was on point every single time!"

Joanna works for her clients and not the stores — her only incentive was to help me feel confident and attractive in anything I buy. 
— Christi, Tax Director
Cynara C.jpg


"Joanna is a force! I needed help organizing my closet and got so much more. Not only was she able to help me 'let things go' she made the experience fun. By the time our session was over, my closet looked amazing and I felt a surprising sense of peace."

My closet audit was eye-opening. My coach made me realize that I had more viable options in my closet than I could have imagined. She also helped me get rid of items that simply didn’t look good or fit well, creating space for fresh new life in my wardrobe.
— Michelle, Architect
Stefanie F.jpg

Banking Executive

"I am a full time working mom of 3 girls and have limited time to shop and she has made shopping so much fun AND efficient! Joanna has kept to my conservative predisposition but gives me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone. She is accessible to comment on an online purchase I’m thinking of. This is much more than just a shopping experience."


Sustainability Executive

"The idea of fashion intimidates me and shopping sends shivers down my spine. Whether it is online or in a mall, I would end up spending more than I wanted and walking out with less than I planned. Then, in my shopping trip with my style coach, she magically and quickly found the perfect items as if they had a homing device on them."

Joanna asks just the right questions to make you evaluate your wardrobe habits. Her method helps you make efficient decisions in order to take action and get ‘unstuck’ from those habits. 
— Amy, Management Consultant
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Westchester, NY

"Joanna was instrumental in helping me in 2 closet cleanses. She looked at every single item in my closet, not only did she reorganize & cleanse but literally vacuumed my closet. She helped me let go of items I haven't worn in years and I gained a better perspective of how to where items we kept. She is a mastermind in the closet!"